Monday, January 12, 2015

Inspiration Station - Journal

If you have just come from my YouTube Channel or have found this post first. I have posted some pictures of my Inspiration Station - Journal for you to see a little bit closer.

I also want to take this time to pledge to you as viewers and friends that you will be seeing posts on my blog everyday. I have taken time in making this journal to get me started and inspired for the year of 2015. I have always said that I would do this, post everyday, but it has become one of my goals for 2015 to have content for you all everyday. Not only will it let me be able to check off one of the goals off my list but it's going to force me to create EVERYDAY! So watch out I'm coming in full blast! 2015 has a lot of surprises awaiting to be sprung open! 

So your probably thinking, okay great idea Miranda, more posts everyday, but what are all these pictures about. Well, I can tell ya! I have participated in Jennibellie's Ning Journal Workshop Site and she offered a free class that saved my life called "Inspiration Station". To keep it short a sweet, she shows us how to create a place to keep all things that inspires you and then how to incorporate it in a journal, hence.., my Inspiration Station - Journal. The whole purpose of this journal is for you to flip through when you have lost your Art Mojo and are stuck in an Art Funk! Go and check out my video series HERE on my YouTube channel where I show you step by step how I get out of my Art Funk.

Here, you can just enjoy some close ups of my Inspiration Station - Journal. 
Hope you like!

Infinite Xs and Os. 

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