Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Documented Life Project - Journal 2015 Week 1

Documented Life Project - Journal 2015 Week 1 Prompt. The week of January 1st the challenge was to use book paper to overcome the fear of the blank, white page and then the prompt was to be your own goal keeper. It was easy to just slap that book paper all over the page. I don't really suffer from the phobia of the blank, white page...I really struggle more with what to do next after I make that first step such as pasting book paper on the page...okay now what? Slapping paint on the blank, white page...okay now what? So I naturally just left my journal open for a few days once I put book paper on it. 

Then I continued with the forest and nature motif that I literally can't get enough of right now! I think it's because I live surrounded and embraced by trees. There is no sign of civilization and that makes me perfectly content! So I smeared paint all over the book pages, drew cut open stumps from the inside of a tree, drew pine trees, collaged a bit here and there, used some of my hand carved stamps, scraped some paint around and made a pocket to put my tag of a list of goals for myself this year! It was way to much fun seeing the result pop up better than I even imagined.  

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