Friday, January 16, 2015

DLP Amazing News

Good Day to everyone!
I have some amazing news that I can't quite contain!
If you are not aware, I am a Moderator for the Documented Life Project - Journal 2015. With that comes...unrealized responsibilities! The amount of time that is put into this project by the Art5 Girls is unfathomable. If you are not familiar to the Documented Life Project - Journal 2015 aka DLP, then check out the Ning Site for the DLP HERE.

So whats this exciting news Miranda, whats the fuss all about. Hehehe, I have been asked to be a featured artist on the Art to the 5th blog to share my art journal process on a given challenge on a given week!
WHAOOOOOOO! Insanity I know! I can't give out much detail because my time to share hasn't come quite yet but you will be properly informed!

I have been working with the Documented Life Project since their first release of the project in 2014. It's concept was wrapped around the idea of documenting and planning your life in an art journaling style. At the time I actually was trying to devise a plan to create my own artistic planner because my JOBS at the time were becoming overwhelming! So I googled ways to create one and up come the DLP! I enjoyed it until it got to about the end of the year where I got burned out! I didn't really want to plan and it become more of a scrapbook rather than an art journal.

So this year the DLP clearly stands for art journaling and I have found myself getting challenges and prompts done the day they post the challenges and prompts. So join the excitement with me as my work goes live to a very large amount of people for really, the first time online! Hope you will stick around with me and be sure to meet back here on the 24th of January to see the link to my art work!

Much love to everyone!