Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Long Winter Walk - Freshman at Life

It had just finished sleeting and giving the ground a wisp of Jack Frost when I decided to clog around in my dad's huge and nicely tractioned boots to take pictures around my house for inspiration. 

You can see where I get my tree bark and stump inspiration from...all over the place!

Some neat vines crawling all over the place near my dad's garden.

This was on a post that held up wire around my dad's garden. They look like fairy skirts!

Check out the texture and line in this scrap of wood.

My dad has an old Chevy truck to be restored and yet the mint green color with the rust marking and colors are so interesting to me!

So as some of you may know I am a recent college graduate and a freshman at life! It's been HARD with another capital HARD! As an artist I knew when I graduated that it wasn't going to get easy. I wasn't going to get a stellar high paying famous artist job! I entered my first art show outside of school and I barely got one comment about my work! It was when I officially realized "Okay Miranda you are playing with the big boys now!"

I really want to be an artist. I wanted to be one ever since I was in diapers. I worked crazy hard for it in college and here I am working at a Funeral Home. I live in a community where the knowledge and appreciation of art is limited. So there are a lot of barriers and especially as a college female graduate at 23. There aren't any deadlines or definite dates like graduation set already ahead for me anymore and it's scary because I am on my own. 

I'm at that time in my life where I am just ultimately scared of change and the uncertainty of everything as a freelance artist wanting to create her own business! So my comfort is to stroll around my house in the beauty of nature. I read in a Colonial Williamsburg magazine that God gave us two things to read, the Bible and nature! 

It's my fault when I think of myself too seriously. I put to much pressure on myself and let myself listen to voices that put me down which in reality aren't even there. 

So what I have come to understand is that I will feel better! With my grandfather passing and the serious illness my grandmother is dealing with and the realization that I have to do this life on my own I still feel scared. My best advice for me and for those who are having to open a door to a much larger world that you don't know how to tackle and are scared to, is to tackle it and be brave one step at a time.

My dad told me when he went trucking that he had to get from Virginia to California all in a weeks span! He got stressed and worried that he wasn't going to make it. His dad told him to take one state at a time. I am saying to you take one state at a time. Reach one goal, crush one thought of negativity at a time. It's hard to do on your own and decide what to do in such a big world but when you ask for God's guidance, he only leads you to the very best!

I laid in bed one night and asked God for help, where he wanted me to go and what I could do when it came to me living on my own. I went to church the next day with my family and I had this idea pop in my head that I could build a small house behind my parents home. I pitched it to my dad and he jumped on it, so much so that we took the afternoon after church mapping out where my house will be. We took these four quartz rocks and marked where it will sit. I went out there to remind myself of my goals and that the idea came from God. 

When you feel that extra good feeling inside about an idea or choice that you want to make have confidence that God is with you excited about your dreams and goals as well.   

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful. Must be east coast? I grew up there but now live in Alaska.