Saturday, January 31, 2015

Documented Life Project - Week Five | January 31st

Hello everyone and thanks so much for stopping by to see what I have created for this weeks challenge of UNDERPAPER! I am completely and utterly honored with every bone in my body that I was asked to be a featured artist for this week. God truly does know how to bless a person! I'm also glad you are here and I hope you continue to visit as much as you can here at Clare Plantation.
So lets get started...

January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 31
Art Challenge:  Under Paper
Journal Prompt: What lies beneath...

 I had a visual in my head and I was going by a few images for inspiration. One was my favorite artist EVER, Vincent Van Gogh. I choose to look at this painting here called "The Olive Trees"

I liked how Van Gogh used line to create that sense of movement and I wanted to use that idea for the background of this weeks page spread.

I also looked at another painting that has that same Van Gogh / Impressionistic style to it. This painting is by Eric Hanson and you can check out more of his AMAZING work HERE. I like Van Gogh's movement and I like Hanson's use of color and collectively I love both their impressionistic style.

So I started off with a simple sketch and mapped out where I wanted objects to go in my page spread as you see here below.

I pulled out my ice cube tray palette and went to town in choosing bright and bold colors just as Hanson used in his painting.

And I painted the background. My art professor always said that we learn by practicing from other artists. It is also very important to me that I don't copy everything from what I am using as a reference because I want the piece to be my own. That's when I used artistic license and created my own thing.

I scratched and smeared the paint everywhere. It made me feel good to paint quickly and with a lot of energy. I feel accomplished as well when the painting gives off that feeling of energy and movement. WHAOOOO! 

Your probably thinking...okay when does the under paper come in? Well its riiiiiiiiiight abooooooooout.....NOW! 

I just fished through all the under paper I had stashed away and looked at the design, the colors and shapes offered on the paper. When I found what I liked and thought it best for the project I moved onto the next step.

Next I drew on the back of the under paper the outlines of tree bark. Then when I cut out the trees that I drew, on the flip side was a neat design of the painted under paper already splashed with color, shapes and line. Cool huh?

I kinda cut out too many but I will for sure be using them for other projects.

Then I pasted them all over my page spread. I also cut out a deer that has yet to brought out to be noticeable in the bottom right hand corner. Can you see it? It looks kinda like one of those "I Spy" books. LOVED those books!

Not only did my page spread remind me of "I Spy" books. The look of my spread above was a concept I was going for when I used Kate Shaw's paintings (seen below) as a reference as well! You have got to check out her work HERE, it's AMAZING!

Then came the detail! I took my journal and black pen with me to the couch and watched "Say Yes to the Dress" while I drew branches like a mad woman! I was up till about 2 in the morning working on this page because I just got so into it! I just couldn't stop.

Then of course the little fawn came to life as well!

So I wrote in the bottom left hand corner shown above,
 in reference to the prompt "What Lies Beneath"

"What lies beneath is a quiet soul who wants nothing but a simple life because what lies above will last forever more!"

With a few additions here and there.

All I want to do in life is live small and comfortable. I don't need much but God, a plant to watch grow, my ability to make Art, Jane Austen Movies and a family of my own in a small house deep in the woods. It's a life that might be thought little of but it's a life that I desire the most!

I hope you have enjoyed this page spread I have shown you today and I hope you can come back to check out more Documented Life Project page spreads that I post every week here on my blog.
I post content five days a week and I do my best to offer inspiration to you and to share God's Amazing Grace and Love to you all!

This piece is also available in my Etsy shop as five different art prints and you can check it out HERE!

God Bless and May We Bless God!

Friday, January 23, 2015

College Days | Memories

Oh my word what crazy times I have had in art classes!
I thought today I might share a little bit of my own art history! I think it's important to share the memories one has, that way others can know where one has come from and evolved from. Well that "one" is me today and it was a wonderful four years in college that has changed me forever. 

Up above though is when I was in high school and we five of us decided to ask my art teacher to become Christ and all of us students, as the disciples, would reenact the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, 
"The Last Supper"

Good Times, good times! I just knew this was where I belonged...ART!

So I went to college and tried to sign up for as many art classes as I possibly could! I was nervous at first but I had confidence in what I could do! I wanted to prove to my art teachers that I meant business! Art classes weren't classes that I just wanted to breeze right through. I wanted to learn EVERYTHING and I wanted to learn it down to the core!

So whenever a project was presented to us I went out with a BANG! 
Pardon the french but one of my art teachers said to me one time that I either go big a** big or go home!
I just thought it was so funny! 

The painting above plays a significant role in my art making today. It's not mixed media but what I did was paint a collage I formed out of magazine clippings. So this is an oil painting of an actual collage I made. From here on I knew collage was my favorite! 

We had to go around to our circle of friends and ask if they would sit for us to draw. This is one of my very good friends that I still see today in my church!

We were assigned little groups one day in class and I got paired with one of my good friends. Our assignment was to draw each others hands and I thought it would be kinda cool to hold a position like we did in this drawing. Afterwards, our hands got numb but we turned out with really cool looking drawings!

This assignment took forever...Not just this one but 100 different hands followed this one. We had to draw 100 hands within a week. I enjoyed it after about the 40th one and then it got kind of obnoxious. But I did it and came out with some pretty good looking hands!

This project was pretty simple. Our drawing teacher one day sat in the middle of the drawing room and played his guitar. We had to draw him while he was playing and moving and...I really enjoyed doing something like that. It made you draw fast which was a good challenge for me!

Then of course I had a few other projects I had to do. The purple masked lady painting took a good while but a lot of people where in favor of it when they saw it. Then the girl in the chair with her legs folded was me and it took another considerable amount of time. I had to bring the clothes that I wore in this drawing with me to school everyday until I finished it! We were asked to do a portrait of ourselves and I went to town on this drawing.

My art teacher went around our painting studio one day and took pictures of everyone painting. I'm so glad he did this because this was my happy place! It was a beautiful time for me, being surrounded by my friends and painting for two, three hours! I'm not showing it but that's just because when I paint, I'm in this zone of complete concentration. Some people have asked me if I'm mad but others back me up saying that I'm super focused!

THE BEST Art teacher out there! He knew his stuff! He taught Art history as if we were standing in front of the actual piece of art work down in the basement classroom of our art department. He knew how to teach drawing and painting as if he were Van Gogh himself, which we nicknamed him because he could be his twin. His understanding of art and what it means and how it works truly makes me believe that I was taught under the best teacher I could have ever asked for!

So the basics of art classes where done, then came "Senior Studio" 
This class is a year long class where we develop a body of work and write a paper about that body of work. This class is where babies come out adults because this was the real deal! Our teachers didn't mess around, they pushed us and pulled us to where I believe, they knew before we did, where we wanted to be.
I worked for hours, months, days and weeks on my ten paintings. I painted until the very last day when everything was to be turned in. But when the Senior Show came it was a felicity that I could never explain.

These are only two of ten paintings I did but the idea came from the painting I mentioned earlier that started my love in collage. It was about who I stood for based off the love and up bringing I had with my parents. I used Western Landscapes and my Dads truck to represent my dad and the girly feminine things like the lace on my dads truck and in the red rock formations below represents my mom. All together they make ME! 

I was beyond happiness when I fulfilled my dream of being the best academic art student in the art department. In high school being most artistic was wither you were popular or not and I was heart broken when a girl that JUST decorated for homecoming won that title. But to stand next to my art teacher and the president of the college and have their approval of my work and effort was all worth the wait! 

Ahhhhh graduation. IT WAS FREEZING that day and I cleverly had a HUGE, thick, fleece cardigan in the back of my car to at least keep me half way warm. It was a bitter sweet day! I said goodbye to my art teachers and all my friends that I made in my art classes and to the all girl singing group I was apart of for four years! It was hard but I knew that there was a big life full of art left ahead of me and I was ready to take some action!

College was a wonderful experience for me and I will never forget the people and what I learned! 
Here's to you Class of 13'

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mema Visit - Inspiration

I visited my grandmothers house this weekend and became extremely inspired!