Friday, November 14, 2014

How I Made My Tabs | Documented Life Project

So the tab challenge for the Documented Life Project has come and gone yes but, using tabs in art journals more and likely will be done again. Here is a unique way you can create your own tabs.

First of all get your supplies out:

     1. Stamped Image
     2. Two Sheets of Gelli Printed Paper
     3. A Circle Stencil
     4. A page or paper you wish to use for the pockets (create slits on)
     5. Colored Pens
     6. Pencil
     7. Self Healing Cutting Mat
     8. Ruler
     9. Scissors
    10. Exacto Knife
    11. And I forgot to photograph it...a gluestick.

 First step is to stamp your given image on a piece of paper be it white or patterned, it does not matter. Then cut them out to create the tab part of the project.

Second step is to place the stencil of a circle over the gelli printed paper. Trace the circle onto the gelli printed paper and cut them out as shown above.

Third Step is to measure your circle. Being that we just cut the circle out of a factory made stencil, the measurements will be quite simple. Make markings on the ruler to remember the measurements of your circle. If you decide to draw the circle yourself, the project will still work the same.

Forth Step is to draw the measured line that your had taken from the circle onto a spot of your chosen page or painted paper.

 Fifth step is to use your exact knife to cut along the drawn line to create your opening for the tag to slide through.

Sixth Step is to grab another one of your gelli prints or patterned paper. Draw a square around the circle on the back side of the gelli printed paper as shown above.

Seventh Step is to flip the painted paper you had to cut an opening on, over to the other side. Then take the square you just cut out and now you have the makings of a pocket that will hold the tab in place. 

Place the gelli printed square over the tab and use washi tape to hold it down to create a pocket as shown above.

Eighth Step is to glue the stamped image onto the circle gelli print cut out.

Ninth Step is to doodle, journal or leave the tab blank. Gelli Prints are artwork all in themselves. Since these tabs are going in my Documented Life Project, I wanted to journal about my week.

You can even decide to write on the back.

Once you are all finished, you can slip your tabs into what looks like...NOTHING. It looks as though they are just stuck to the page but you can surprise your viewers by slipping them our of their invisible pockets. This way it will make your Documented Life Project or Art Journal just a little bit more interesting.

Wanna see these little tabs in action, go and check out my video on Youtube HERE where you can see the whole spread involving this challenge.

Also go and check out the Art to the 5th girls website HERE! It will direct you to all the fun and exciting things coming up in The Documented Life Project 2015. AAAAHHHHH too exciting!

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