Sunday, November 16, 2014

Favorite Documented Life Project Spread EVER!

 I cannot even begin to explain the adoration I have for this spread of the week 46 in the Documented Life Project. I have been sitting on my couch crocheting and watching MANY of the Art to the 5th girls workshops in the Academy. I studied their videos and watched closely how they designed their pages. I thought long and hard about what I could do to really make mine stand out. I haven't been crazy about my pages that I have done previously and I was hoping I could hit a spread that would ultimately define ME! And this is what I came up with.

 Thankfully my week has been pretty busy, all with the new Documented Life Project 2015 - Journal release and all. I've been receiving a lot of happy mail from a lot of friends and have been keeping my eye out for things that I can put in the pages from my everyday doings. So I had a well developed pile of stuff, if you will, to fill my pages up.

  The planner pages was a lot of fun to develop. I think I did the most layering I have ever done. I thought of new ways to showcase my week and gathered all that I could to make the presentation a little interesting. I stole a stamp from an envelope that came on one of my work days. I sketched a Norman Rockwell painting onto a "While You Were Out" sticky note and used a TON of Happy Mail.

I piled all of the lovely gifts in Happy Mail all on top of each other as flaps 
so that all open up as you see below.

I made notes to myself to refer back to this page. I wanted to remember to do certain things the next DLP spread I would do such as, use a forest and floral motif and doodle more of your own flowers and yes even notes about how much I love Mr. Darcy even more. Wow, I am such a nerd!

I even saved the comforter label that I got for my new bed this week, it's the one that says "My Life" on it. On this far right side of the spread I literally acted as if I was asleep and dragged watercolor around the page with and paintbrush. It turned out rather interesting. I've been inspired lately by naturalistic things such as tree rings like in the middle of the page as well as pine trees, which I literally am surrounded by where I live.

And of course I did a little bit of gelli printing on the back of the tag shown below, and I couldn't resist my infamous dear stamp. That baby took a real labor of love to carve. I think I'll name him Prince. Yeah I like it...Prince.

And of course, last but not least...the challenge page which was to incorporate fabric. 
I really spent a lot of time on this challenge because I wanted to play with the theory "What is Real?" The dark florals are the real fabric in the background but the girl is made of fabric, but it's just a 
picture of fabric. That was a lot of fun to play with that idea.

I took a REALLY long time putting this spread together and I can't wait to look back on it in the days to come. It was a big moment for me to finally put ME into it and it felt accomplished enough! I think the best way to feel accomplished it to study what you like. Ask yourself why you like a certain picture or doodle and when the answer becomes real the more meaningful the artwork becomes to you. Don't create to copy someone else and so someone else will like it, create so that you will like it. Simple but true!

For more details on the Documented Life Project check out the Art to the 5th Website HERE.


  1. Your DLP spread is beautiful! So much gorgeous detail and layering!

    1. Wow thank you so much Michelle, I really appreciate you saying that!

  2. Oh, Miranda! Love your heart and soul pages! They will be a total treasure! Love your "naturalistic" part! Awesome tree rings and the flips of the happy mail pieces. And I love that you wrote about the collecting part of happy mail! :) Looks absolutely fantastic! ♥

    1. Wow what a comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was so much fun creating everything on this spread and I'm glad you could see all of that.