Sunday, November 16, 2014

Favorite Documented Life Project Spread EVER!

 I cannot even begin to explain the adoration I have for this spread of the week 46 in the Documented Life Project. I have been sitting on my couch crocheting and watching MANY of the Art to the 5th girls workshops in the Academy. I studied their videos and watched closely how they designed their pages. I thought long and hard about what I could do to really make mine stand out. I haven't been crazy about my pages that I have done previously and I was hoping I could hit a spread that would ultimately define ME! And this is what I came up with.

 Thankfully my week has been pretty busy, all with the new Documented Life Project 2015 - Journal release and all. I've been receiving a lot of happy mail from a lot of friends and have been keeping my eye out for things that I can put in the pages from my everyday doings. So I had a well developed pile of stuff, if you will, to fill my pages up.

  The planner pages was a lot of fun to develop. I think I did the most layering I have ever done. I thought of new ways to showcase my week and gathered all that I could to make the presentation a little interesting. I stole a stamp from an envelope that came on one of my work days. I sketched a Norman Rockwell painting onto a "While You Were Out" sticky note and used a TON of Happy Mail.

I piled all of the lovely gifts in Happy Mail all on top of each other as flaps 
so that all open up as you see below.

I made notes to myself to refer back to this page. I wanted to remember to do certain things the next DLP spread I would do such as, use a forest and floral motif and doodle more of your own flowers and yes even notes about how much I love Mr. Darcy even more. Wow, I am such a nerd!

I even saved the comforter label that I got for my new bed this week, it's the one that says "My Life" on it. On this far right side of the spread I literally acted as if I was asleep and dragged watercolor around the page with and paintbrush. It turned out rather interesting. I've been inspired lately by naturalistic things such as tree rings like in the middle of the page as well as pine trees, which I literally am surrounded by where I live.

And of course I did a little bit of gelli printing on the back of the tag shown below, and I couldn't resist my infamous dear stamp. That baby took a real labor of love to carve. I think I'll name him Prince. Yeah I like it...Prince.

And of course, last but not least...the challenge page which was to incorporate fabric. 
I really spent a lot of time on this challenge because I wanted to play with the theory "What is Real?" The dark florals are the real fabric in the background but the girl is made of fabric, but it's just a 
picture of fabric. That was a lot of fun to play with that idea.

I took a REALLY long time putting this spread together and I can't wait to look back on it in the days to come. It was a big moment for me to finally put ME into it and it felt accomplished enough! I think the best way to feel accomplished it to study what you like. Ask yourself why you like a certain picture or doodle and when the answer becomes real the more meaningful the artwork becomes to you. Don't create to copy someone else and so someone else will like it, create so that you will like it. Simple but true!

For more details on the Documented Life Project check out the Art to the 5th Website HERE.

Friday, November 14, 2014

How I Made My Tabs | Documented Life Project

So the tab challenge for the Documented Life Project has come and gone yes but, using tabs in art journals more and likely will be done again. Here is a unique way you can create your own tabs.

First of all get your supplies out:

     1. Stamped Image
     2. Two Sheets of Gelli Printed Paper
     3. A Circle Stencil
     4. A page or paper you wish to use for the pockets (create slits on)
     5. Colored Pens
     6. Pencil
     7. Self Healing Cutting Mat
     8. Ruler
     9. Scissors
    10. Exacto Knife
    11. And I forgot to photograph it...a gluestick.

 First step is to stamp your given image on a piece of paper be it white or patterned, it does not matter. Then cut them out to create the tab part of the project.

Second step is to place the stencil of a circle over the gelli printed paper. Trace the circle onto the gelli printed paper and cut them out as shown above.

Third Step is to measure your circle. Being that we just cut the circle out of a factory made stencil, the measurements will be quite simple. Make markings on the ruler to remember the measurements of your circle. If you decide to draw the circle yourself, the project will still work the same.

Forth Step is to draw the measured line that your had taken from the circle onto a spot of your chosen page or painted paper.

 Fifth step is to use your exact knife to cut along the drawn line to create your opening for the tag to slide through.

Sixth Step is to grab another one of your gelli prints or patterned paper. Draw a square around the circle on the back side of the gelli printed paper as shown above.

Seventh Step is to flip the painted paper you had to cut an opening on, over to the other side. Then take the square you just cut out and now you have the makings of a pocket that will hold the tab in place. 

Place the gelli printed square over the tab and use washi tape to hold it down to create a pocket as shown above.

Eighth Step is to glue the stamped image onto the circle gelli print cut out.

Ninth Step is to doodle, journal or leave the tab blank. Gelli Prints are artwork all in themselves. Since these tabs are going in my Documented Life Project, I wanted to journal about my week.

You can even decide to write on the back.

Once you are all finished, you can slip your tabs into what looks like...NOTHING. It looks as though they are just stuck to the page but you can surprise your viewers by slipping them our of their invisible pockets. This way it will make your Documented Life Project or Art Journal just a little bit more interesting.

Wanna see these little tabs in action, go and check out my video on Youtube HERE where you can see the whole spread involving this challenge.

Also go and check out the Art to the 5th girls website HERE! It will direct you to all the fun and exciting things coming up in The Documented Life Project 2015. AAAAHHHHH too exciting!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Documented Life Project - An Ode

Thought I might share a few pages from the challenges and planner pages from my Documented Life Project 2014

I can not really say that this has been the best year for me! It's been tough with the death of my grandfather and the dwindling of the spirit of my grandmother. Family traditions are breaking and although I believe change is good, this kind of bad change seems to not bring such a positive outcome quick enough. But the Documented Life Project truly has brought color and a feeling of a new beginning for me.

My faith in Christ has become stronger than it ever has before! I'm spending a lot more time with him each and every morning and Spirit FM plays on my radio a heck of a lot more. It's a good feeling. Never have I really steered away from God's love but I just began questioning him and I hated questioning him. 

Your probably thinking, okay Miranda what has this got to do with all your artwork and the Documented Life Project. 

Well, plenty...I had prayed long and hard for girly friendships with someone and God just out of the blue laid in my lap The Documented Life Project. I had needed to get my name out there about my artwork and what all I had to offer. Suddenly my friendships within the Documented Life Project seemed to open doors to me that I never even imagined. People where I lived started asking me for commissions and I received phone calls from people who wanted to take my art classes I had just started offering. Funny, it was right after I tithed for the first time in my life that I got those phone calls. I have even been feeling better about the type of change I'm suddenly going through. 

I don't know really what I had done...I guess God started answering those stupid, doubting questions I had about Him. I'm telling you The Documented Life Project truly is a wonderful God sent and an answer to all my prayers. It's helped me get through some hard, hard times and brought some strength to me to make it through! God knew I loved art and he knew the best way to heal me was through art. 

Happy Mail also was a way to connect to people and to give to others of whom I didn't even know. It was a lost art that I was glad to see come back to life again!

Thank you Art to the 5th Girls for creating the Documented Life Project, you have done more than you will ever know!

May God Bless You and May We Bless God!

My Style Journal Cover

So the cover to the "My Style Journal" just wasn't cutting it for me. All I did was lather it with gesso with a gift card to give it texture. They when fully dry, I brushes spots of paint all over the cover and used some metallic gold paint to give it a little glimmer and sparkle.

I painted the gem on the front because I think the best way to get yourself into a journal and stick with a topic and subject matter that you give it, is to paint something on the cover that will draw you in. The gem was something that I have always wanted to try to paint and I'm glad I did.

I also when the gesso was wet I took a book awl and carved in happy thoughts because not only is this "My Style Journal" but it is where a lot of happy thoughts will be.