Friday, October 24, 2014

Pressed Painted Flowers

Here is a fun fall project that all you vintage, shabby chic ladies might enjoy!

 Go out in your local park or backyard and pick out some weeds and wildflowers. Have you got them, good, then the next thing to do is to paint them. Now the way I did it was to press them on a gelli plate and use them to create prints buuuuut, if you don't have a gelli plate just press the flowers in a book. Next let them dry and then paint them when they are all dry and flat. 

Once you have them pressed, painted and dried, have your Mod Podge ready and start assembling your painted flowers like I did below and glue them to a white piece of paper. Any paper will do.

Now once you have glued all of your pressed painted flowers, frame them and hang it in a place where you will enjoy it most. I hung mine next to my small desk where I work and pay bills. 

Hope you have enjoyed this little rainbow of pressed flowers tutorial. If you choose to do something like this I would love to see it.

If you have an Instagram Account, post your creations with the hashtag #pressedpaintedflowers and I'd love to see what you make. 

May We All Bless God!