Friday, October 24, 2014

My Style Journal

Have you come to a stumbling block in you creating and you find yourself copying other people's work. Here is a sure fire way to help create a journal that is all your style!

1. Get yourself a journal that you like and that is completely empty.
2. Have a separate journal to ask yourself certain questions about your kind of style, for instance:
a. What kind of shapes do you like to draw?
b. What inanimate objects do you find most interesting?
c. What is your favorite quote?
d. What is it that you like most about a famous piece of artwork and why?

Ask yourself these kinds of questions and any that you can think off and create a journal page that answers your question. Then when you are finished with answering all your questions and filling up your "My Style" journal, you can have something to turn back to when you have a brain fart.

Here below I have a few pages that I have started in my "My Style" journal and will continue it for myself throughout the year. It is my early new years resolution.

I enjoy playing with watercolor and spraying it all around the paper. I also like playing with painted paper that I used to wipe excess paint from a project I was working on. I used them in the structure of the flower in the middle and in the five purple rectangles around the flower.

I want to force myself to write more in my journals so what better way to remind me to write more than putting it on the front page. 

I have really liked the look of random mark making so I'm going to experiment with that throughout this book as well.

So challenge yourself with a book that is only created by you in answering your own personal questions. I'm gonna give it a go and I'm quite excited, come and join the fun.

Post your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #mystylejournal so that I can see your work! Hope you have fun!

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