Friday, October 17, 2014

In The Studio

I am obsessed with creating a creative space where I have all of my media and supplies at my fingertips. When it comes to art journaling and mixed media, you have TONS of supplies that you can use and it can become overwhelming sometimes. So below are a few tips to have all that STUFF right at your fingertips if you like things a bit organized.

Got a lot of washi tape? Simple, find a box of some kind that isn't too deep. Roll up some card stock paper and tape it so that it won't unravel. Slip the washi tape down the card stock tube you just made and slide it into the box. The card stock tube has gotta fit snuck in the box because that way the rolls of washi tape won't fly out of the box when you pull the tape like you do from a regular tape dispenser. Now it not only is highly functional, it is an interesting display piece in your work space.

Have you got those kinds of media that are small and you really don't want to keep them in the package that they came in? If you look around your house I'm sure you can find a small box such as this one or go to your local craft store and find a small box there. Now you can store your small media in it this way I pictured above. It's right there at your fingertips and it's a cute little way to let your tiny pieces of media have their day in the sun!

Yeah I know we all have WAY to much paint and sometimes it can get kinda cluttery placed all around you desk. Well here is an easy and decorative way to display and organize your small bottles of paint on your desk table.

Find a shoe box, wooden box, wooden crate or in my case the other half of a Barbie Doll carrying case. Now store the bottles of paint upside-down so that one, you can clearly see the full color of the bottle and two when you shack the paint downward to squirt some out... hey it's already done for you.

As you can see I have a small space in my room but it is my favorite place in the entire house. I don't have much and I don't want much because it becomes to much to handle. I have my favorites and I stick with them. I can still create artwork and that is the most important thing! So don't go out and buy all the supplies know to man to create artwork. Run with what you have, study about other supplies if you want some and go with what you enjoy doing! If someone has a larger studio full of supplies and you think you should have that much in order to create artwork, you are wasting your time! Build your studio the way YOU are able and with the supplies YOU like!  

If you copy someone else's studio and fill it up with their supplies you might as well be giving them an extra studio instead of a new one for yourself!

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