Friday, October 24, 2014

Gelli Printing with Flowers and Leaves

I went through my back yard and found the beauties of this glorious fall season. I had a plan and I was excited about doing it. So I gathered all that I could to use on my Gelli Plate. I have seen people do this before but I wanted to experiment. Turns out leaves, flowers, weeds and pine needles are my favorite things to use on the Gelli Plate.  

I had to take some pictures of theses babies before I painted them up on the Gelli Plate. So I put my camera on a vivid color setting and snapped away. I think they turned out so beautiful I may make a painting out of this!

So when I started printing with the Gelli Plate I was amazed at how happy I was with each and every print. Nothing came out the same as a stencil does. Yes you can arrange them differently but the stencil is always the same just in a different spot. With organic pieces such as these Godly creations, nothing is the same, everything is different and unique.

I have found that the tiny moments of detail and the variety of texture send me into over drive. I have heard other artists say that they could spend all day working with the Gelli Plate and I couldn't find myself to do that because I got bored with the similar outcome. But now, I have found my happy place. 

Layering with leaves and flowers give you an exceptional amount of texture and lines. There aren't as many harsh lines as there are with stencils when you layer like this.

Now some of the prints are basic positive and negative prints but it still has organic line that isn't so harsh.

You should try this out, grab some pieces such as these in your nearby park or backyard and go nuts! You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Check out this video to see my process in creating these prints where I offer just a few more tips and tricks. Also I lead you to another project that I blogged about as well but you can hear more about it in this video as well.

My We All Bless God!


  1. Thanks to Pinterest, I found your video! Great inspiration! I was beginning to think the stencil thing was way to predictable and boring. I'm taking my bag with me on my walk tomorrow...I never gave natural items a thought (and, I DO love Autumn! Hello?). Thank you for sharing your technique!

  2. Can't wait to try this!!! Very inspiring video

  3. Right on! I'm so tired of everyone using the same stencils. I like to see organic shapes and nature used in art. I use leaves a lot myself - trees are so wonderful :D