Friday, October 17, 2014

For The Beauty Of The Earth.

I have been really taking in all of the beauty that is constantly around me here of late. Fall is probably one of the most saturated seasons, full of color and romantic light. I sometimes have to make sure I pay attention to the time because I get carried away in taking so many pictures, trying to capture light and everything visible around me. 

God IS the ultimate artist, he breathed the breath of life into us and the beauty of this earth. I never doubt his existence when I look at all the many majestic creations he blesses us with, in each and every day! 

I take pictures so that I can one day paint what I have seen. When I paint such wonders I feel as though I am offering my abilities back to God. I want to say thank you for my them and for the moment in my life where I can marvel at his handiwork!

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