Friday, October 24, 2014

Pressed Painted Flowers

Here is a fun fall project that all you vintage, shabby chic ladies might enjoy!

 Go out in your local park or backyard and pick out some weeds and wildflowers. Have you got them, good, then the next thing to do is to paint them. Now the way I did it was to press them on a gelli plate and use them to create prints buuuuut, if you don't have a gelli plate just press the flowers in a book. Next let them dry and then paint them when they are all dry and flat. 

Once you have them pressed, painted and dried, have your Mod Podge ready and start assembling your painted flowers like I did below and glue them to a white piece of paper. Any paper will do.

Now once you have glued all of your pressed painted flowers, frame them and hang it in a place where you will enjoy it most. I hung mine next to my small desk where I work and pay bills. 

Hope you have enjoyed this little rainbow of pressed flowers tutorial. If you choose to do something like this I would love to see it.

If you have an Instagram Account, post your creations with the hashtag #pressedpaintedflowers and I'd love to see what you make. 

May We All Bless God!

Gelli Printing with Flowers and Leaves

I went through my back yard and found the beauties of this glorious fall season. I had a plan and I was excited about doing it. So I gathered all that I could to use on my Gelli Plate. I have seen people do this before but I wanted to experiment. Turns out leaves, flowers, weeds and pine needles are my favorite things to use on the Gelli Plate.  

I had to take some pictures of theses babies before I painted them up on the Gelli Plate. So I put my camera on a vivid color setting and snapped away. I think they turned out so beautiful I may make a painting out of this!

So when I started printing with the Gelli Plate I was amazed at how happy I was with each and every print. Nothing came out the same as a stencil does. Yes you can arrange them differently but the stencil is always the same just in a different spot. With organic pieces such as these Godly creations, nothing is the same, everything is different and unique.

I have found that the tiny moments of detail and the variety of texture send me into over drive. I have heard other artists say that they could spend all day working with the Gelli Plate and I couldn't find myself to do that because I got bored with the similar outcome. But now, I have found my happy place. 

Layering with leaves and flowers give you an exceptional amount of texture and lines. There aren't as many harsh lines as there are with stencils when you layer like this.

Now some of the prints are basic positive and negative prints but it still has organic line that isn't so harsh.

You should try this out, grab some pieces such as these in your nearby park or backyard and go nuts! You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Check out this video to see my process in creating these prints where I offer just a few more tips and tricks. Also I lead you to another project that I blogged about as well but you can hear more about it in this video as well.

My We All Bless God!

My Style Journal

Have you come to a stumbling block in you creating and you find yourself copying other people's work. Here is a sure fire way to help create a journal that is all your style!

1. Get yourself a journal that you like and that is completely empty.
2. Have a separate journal to ask yourself certain questions about your kind of style, for instance:
a. What kind of shapes do you like to draw?
b. What inanimate objects do you find most interesting?
c. What is your favorite quote?
d. What is it that you like most about a famous piece of artwork and why?

Ask yourself these kinds of questions and any that you can think off and create a journal page that answers your question. Then when you are finished with answering all your questions and filling up your "My Style" journal, you can have something to turn back to when you have a brain fart.

Here below I have a few pages that I have started in my "My Style" journal and will continue it for myself throughout the year. It is my early new years resolution.

I enjoy playing with watercolor and spraying it all around the paper. I also like playing with painted paper that I used to wipe excess paint from a project I was working on. I used them in the structure of the flower in the middle and in the five purple rectangles around the flower.

I want to force myself to write more in my journals so what better way to remind me to write more than putting it on the front page. 

I have really liked the look of random mark making so I'm going to experiment with that throughout this book as well.

So challenge yourself with a book that is only created by you in answering your own personal questions. I'm gonna give it a go and I'm quite excited, come and join the fun.

Post your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #mystylejournal so that I can see your work! Hope you have fun!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Documented Life Project Challenges 38-42

Challenge 38 - Incorporate a Feather

Inside the flap of Challenge 38 - Incorporate a Feather

Challenge 39 - Splatters and Drips

Inside the Flap of Challenge 39 - Splatters and Drips

Challenge 40 - Use three colors you have never used before together.
I have never really used much of pink, green and black. Interesting outcome I thought. 

Challenge 41 - Polka Dots

Challenge 42 - Stars
I really enjoyed this one!

Come and join the fun at the link below
There is a new edition of the Documented Life Project Coming Soon November the 1st.

Hope to see your there!

In The Studio

I am obsessed with creating a creative space where I have all of my media and supplies at my fingertips. When it comes to art journaling and mixed media, you have TONS of supplies that you can use and it can become overwhelming sometimes. So below are a few tips to have all that STUFF right at your fingertips if you like things a bit organized.

Got a lot of washi tape? Simple, find a box of some kind that isn't too deep. Roll up some card stock paper and tape it so that it won't unravel. Slip the washi tape down the card stock tube you just made and slide it into the box. The card stock tube has gotta fit snuck in the box because that way the rolls of washi tape won't fly out of the box when you pull the tape like you do from a regular tape dispenser. Now it not only is highly functional, it is an interesting display piece in your work space.

Have you got those kinds of media that are small and you really don't want to keep them in the package that they came in? If you look around your house I'm sure you can find a small box such as this one or go to your local craft store and find a small box there. Now you can store your small media in it this way I pictured above. It's right there at your fingertips and it's a cute little way to let your tiny pieces of media have their day in the sun!

Yeah I know we all have WAY to much paint and sometimes it can get kinda cluttery placed all around you desk. Well here is an easy and decorative way to display and organize your small bottles of paint on your desk table.

Find a shoe box, wooden box, wooden crate or in my case the other half of a Barbie Doll carrying case. Now store the bottles of paint upside-down so that one, you can clearly see the full color of the bottle and two when you shack the paint downward to squirt some out... hey it's already done for you.

As you can see I have a small space in my room but it is my favorite place in the entire house. I don't have much and I don't want much because it becomes to much to handle. I have my favorites and I stick with them. I can still create artwork and that is the most important thing! So don't go out and buy all the supplies know to man to create artwork. Run with what you have, study about other supplies if you want some and go with what you enjoy doing! If someone has a larger studio full of supplies and you think you should have that much in order to create artwork, you are wasting your time! Build your studio the way YOU are able and with the supplies YOU like!  

If you copy someone else's studio and fill it up with their supplies you might as well be giving them an extra studio instead of a new one for yourself!

For The Beauty Of The Earth.

I have been really taking in all of the beauty that is constantly around me here of late. Fall is probably one of the most saturated seasons, full of color and romantic light. I sometimes have to make sure I pay attention to the time because I get carried away in taking so many pictures, trying to capture light and everything visible around me. 

God IS the ultimate artist, he breathed the breath of life into us and the beauty of this earth. I never doubt his existence when I look at all the many majestic creations he blesses us with, in each and every day! 

I take pictures so that I can one day paint what I have seen. When I paint such wonders I feel as though I am offering my abilities back to God. I want to say thank you for my them and for the moment in my life where I can marvel at his handiwork!