Sunday, September 21, 2014

Stamps in Action

Lately at my day job, stamp carving has literally been my lifeline from a severe case of boredom. My day job is definitly NOT my dream job. One doesn't really major in art and end up working in a funeral home. I man the desk and there I spend my time answering the phone and watching movies and carving stamps such as these to keep my hands busy.    

I have gone back in my artwork and journaling and thought it would be interesting to show how I use my stamps. Some of my family members go "Oh that's what use are they?" Well I thought I might answer that question visually. It helps even myself explain things better.

DLP - Back in the swing of things!

Back to my DLP aka Documented Life Project and I think I have finally found my own personal stamp to it now. I spent a lot of time making it look like other artists did and now I did it my way. SUCH A REFRESHING FEELING!

This is the planning/diary section and I loved the way it turned out!

The challenge this particular week was to use a white pen more than anything and this is my take on it! 

So here is the spread all together

Then this is what you see when you open up the rest of the spread. Going fawn drawing crazy here lately thanks to a stamp I carved of one.

Carved a "this happened" stamp and wrote what did down below. That was fun to put the two together!

After The Rain

These paintings were a well deserved labor of love. I really strived to dig deep into what I can do. I put everything everyone else was doing aside and stared at my pictures I had taken after the rain for inspiration. This was the result.

I found a stump covered in green growth and my sisters old pink bicycle. Add a little bit of watery, rainy impressions with birds chirping and I get a little something like this.

This painting above was fun as well because it made me think back to when I was a child and how much I enjoyed finding far off in the distance subject matters in children's books. Yes it was raining and quite green where I live but my mind easily drifted and day dreamed about the romantic landscapes of the southwest red rock formations. YUM YUM!

I would also like to let everyone know that these paintings are for sale at my Etsy shop. They can be easily found when you click on my Etsy Shop button on the right side of my blog. Take a peak around of some other new things I put in there! 

May God Bless You and MOST importantly may WE Bless God!