Monday, August 11, 2014

Starting A New Me Over

Cheesy I know but I've got to come and tidy up this Plantation of mine. It has been long forgotten and I must put my mark within it! So I have put aside YouTube for a little bit, it's still within arms reach though, so I can take time to draw up big plans and chase a few dreams of mine. I think this particular post will help you readers in seeing the importance of reevaluating the passion or drive you have for what you are doing. If it's not helping you grow then find something else that will. If you don't have the passion anymore, put it where it will feed off of a new thing you love. Most importantly have the faith that God will lead you where you want to go. You may not recognize it but what ever it is, God knows it will be the best for you! 

So I moved my studio in my room. I'm not going to lie, I'M HAPPY, clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth! Yes I'm that kind of happy! Whenever I enter my room from work, breakfast, my walk or anything I have going on, that theme song runs through my head. I've got everything I need around me and I have no excuse to keep this blog a truckin'. What I think is important also is to use what you have! I don't have a lot  of materials and I don't need a lot. I get a lot of fulfillment from making my own materials and that way I can save money! What you will see more on my blog now is me pushing and enforcing on artists to create using their own creativity and that includes drawing as well as creating their own materials.

I put up a new inspiration board of my favorite colors, themes, MEN, yeah I'm 23 I need a little fawning after. I put little pep talk quotes, fashion and places of particular fancy all over that board and I can NOT see the cork of it at all anymore. It is directly above me and hard to miss because it is stuffed full of visuals! I think it is important to keep inspiration directly in front of you when working. Put it on a pedestal, put candles around it and make sure you never lose sight of what you love!

I dropped by and saw my grandmother and found these outside her door. Beautiful colors and lovely flowers, I just couldn't pass up the chance for documentation. I simply can not get enough of florals be it on fabric or in the vibrant colored gardens I have seen in Colonial Williamsburg, HAPPY PLACE!
A lot of my work you will see plenty of florals! 
   So it's also really important, as I have just recently learned, that you should try to find inspiration in your own daily living, in your own life. I am a victim of copying and reproducing art work that looks very similar to other people's artwork and that is mainly why I am here on my blog reinventing myself as an artist. Do YOUR THING, do what everyone else ISN'T doing and ignore the internet for a while. I promise you a since of accomplishment will be heading your way.

Books are a major part of my life. They were when I was a little girl because my mother took us to the library every Tuesday for "Storytime" and to pick up a PILE of books. She would create a reading chart for us and the more we read, the closer we were to five dollars to spend. She would have us read before we went to bed and I use to HATE IT, but look at me now, I'm an English minor and I'm storing books on shelves all around my room. They are one of many symbols of my perfect childhood. I think, even if your childhood wasn't teddy bears and roses, your past is a significant factor to your artwork. You like certain things because your guardians exposed you to them. Honor those things and never forget to include your past stories in your artwork. That's more of what makes you, YOU! 

So to finish off, this is a start of something I did without staring at Pinterest pins and YouTube videos for inspiration. I pulled out what I had with me in my room, I set up a curiosity shelf of things that I find pleasing and I went from there. I created something on my own based off of what I like and from this piece onward, it's nothing but ME! So I challenge you to do what I did and focus on you! Ignore the world, ignore the internet and organize you art materials, wrap them around you and create something on your own! Hope this is of help and until tomorrow may God bless you and may you bless Him with your work!

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