Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More Inspiration

Yesterday I went to my studio to work on some commission work for some church members and I took in some advice from Alisa Burke at The advice was to find inspiration in your everyday life and I knew one of the perfect places to find some. The studio that I rent is one of eight spaces that are upstairs from the gallery downstairs. There is a hot shop for glass blowing as well which leads to the many pictures of glass pieces in my post today. So I spent a good thirty minutes taking pictures in the beautiful gallery of colors and objects that inspire me.

Just outside of the gallery, the owner placed some really pretty colored flowers.

I took the photos and started playing with filters on the application PicArt. I started to realize all the differnt color options within these filters. It helps with looking at the photo differently and gives you a new color pallette to work with. It's also interesting to put the sketch filter on the photo to see all kinds of shapes and lines to draw as well. So when you have a photo put filters on it to give yourself new perspective for when it comes to creating your artwork from that photo.

This is a real deer bejeweled under those rhinestones. It is placed directly in front of the gallery as you walk through the front door and I literally love this piece.

Now this baby, is my absolute favorite painting in the gallery and everyday when I head on up to my studio, I never fail to give this painting a look of deep, deep love. 

Alright, it's time to get busy. I've got plenty of inspiration and I hope you have the inspiration to find inspiration around you, wherever you are. If a gallery is what you desire and you have one close by, I highly recommend you go because it gives you a chance to see others artists creative process or how the go about executing the project. Happy creating!



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