Thursday, May 15, 2014

Documented Life Project Week 17-19

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening to my Plantation.
Today I have a few more pages to share with you and one is rather old but new.

First off I ended my last post of the Documented Life Project with Week 17...well I never did show you the challenge for that week, so if you haven't guessed it already I am going to show you!

Week 17 challenge:
Photograph or draw your favorite shoe. If you watched my video you will know that I have more that ONE!
So I drew the tips of my shoes, which are the selling point for me in that they MUST make my feet look long and slender, and I painted them in with acrylic!

Next is Week 18
This weeks challenge was to write a quote that will inspire you through the week.
I choose a quote that my Dad said in his sermon earlier that week.

"Do you know why he died for us...because of LOVE, (he spoke quite passionately and affirmatively), he could HELP himself!"

Finally the last week I have was Week 19
The challenge was to document a random act of kindness you had done for someone.
To me I didn't want to focus on what I had done so I focused on the Lord kindness! Because of his good grace, mercy and kindness, we should be kind also because he was kind in dying for us. We should be unable to stop being kind to one another!

 And most importantly we can not forget about the cover. It took me a little bit to figure out what I wanted it to look like so this is what it turned out to be. SUPER PROUD OF IT!

And it's just hardly beginning! I just love where this project is taking me! Hope you Enjoy!


  1. I enjoyed you journal pages today, especially your dad's quote!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I just wish everyone could hear my Dad speak!