Monday, April 21, 2014

Inspiration Station

       Well after trying forever to figure out what exactly my signature niche is in art journaling, it hit me like a ton of bricks and a rock...JOURNALS! Okay yeah I know you probably saying "Doesn't that come with art journaling?", YOU ARE CORRECT SIR...or madam. What I'm talking about though are all the types of possible themes that could produce a journal. That idea here of late really has me bouncing off walls with excitement.
         As you can probably tell, I've got several journals going aaaallllll at once. From my Documented Life project to the personal Art Journals of mine in which I give names to and even a Monthly Challenge Journal that I have's just floating around in my head yet to be made.

         So I wanted to share with you my most recent journal called the Inspiration Station Journal. I created this journal through a free workshop by Jennibellie's Inspiration Station that literally saved me after a crummy week that I had fill with NO INSPIRATION WHAT SO EVER! So Jennibellie came up with a solution to create an "eye candy" inspiration journal that you can make pretty quick to help kick you out of that dark, deep abyss of no inspiration.

Here is what I came up with!


One of the main things that truely inspire me are fashion and a western landscape. I don't know why but they are my favorite things to look at and paint. So them being my favorites, I had to put them on the front. I also put florals, stamps, birds and a new technique I really like which is crinkled paper with oil pastels on top of the crinkledness. My favorite color combo is orange and blue or turquoise to be exact.


That large postcard fabric in the middle is sewn together thanks to the inspiration from Robin-Marie Smith on the Documented Life Project. I never thought of sewing paper and other materials together so I just laid that sewn fabric in the middle as a book mark. The image that says "This is my happy place" is a collection of images that are inspiration for my studio in how to decorate, organize, such like that, and it swivels around the brass bracket.

This is more happy mail from the Documented Life Project on the right page and I just loved every stinkin' bit about it, it just had to be put in this journal!

This swivelness, collectionness of paperness, all is favorite clothing that I aspire to purchase one day and like to sketch!
(Miranda says with her nose held to the sky and a slight pompous British accent!) 

See, I LOVE fashion, it tickles my fancy to the very "T"! 


          So this journal isn't finished, I'll add to it and probably take things away. I have it whenever I fall apart and want to just run my fingers over the texture and remind myself of the techniques that I enjoy using in my art journal. I'll more and likely make several more inspiration station journals but for now this one suits what I need. I also really like the fact that all the pages can be easily filled up fast and can quickly have it stashed away for whenever I need.
          If you like this idea and want to make one yourself, scroll down on the right side of this blog and click on the Inspiration Station button, join Jennibellie's Journal Workshop on Ning and you get free step by step videos on how to make these journals and what you can put in them. You also will make a kind of treasure chest filled with all the things that inspire you and I know you horde your inspirings because you love those items so much. We all have those little treasures, as well as myself. 

So go check it out and HAPPY CREATING!



  1. Wow this is beautiful! It looks like it took a lot of work to do! I love the sewn together fabric on the book.
    Love to see more of your post

    -Mia CEO of ARTKURAI

    1. Well thank you Art Kurai, I appreciate that! I actually got that idea sewing fabric together in the book from a lady named Roben-Marie Smith! I love everything about her style! You should go check her out!