Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Documented Life Project Pages


    Documented Life Project Flip Through (Week 12-17)

I am quite proud of myself for sticking to this project and continually letting my journal or Life Project grow. I normally make the journal and  work in it a little bit but I then leave it alone and hardly touch it again. This project is different and I have to show you six spreads of my Documented Life Project. Enjoy!

Week 12
Challenge - collage magazine clippings

Week 13
Challenge - Have someone draw something and I finish it.

Week 14
Challenge - Embellish your name.

Week 15
Challenge - Monocromatic

Week 16
Challenge - Take food box labels and collage with them.

Week 17
Challenge - Paint or use a photograph of your favorite shoes.

I haven't quite gotten around to doing the challenge part yet but I had to 
share my planning pages on the inside. I was quite pleased with them.

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