Saturday, March 8, 2014

First Entry to the Documented Life Project

 The Documented Life Project that I am involved in on Facebook has been the best find of my life! It is a combination of a planner and art journal. Each week there is a challenge and this week was to write what makes you, you. The challenge part always goes on the top of the flap, which in this picture it is the right page!

  I put the main things down that make me, me or just things about me. God, my childhood, nature, vintage, crochet, fashion, stacked books, blogger, organized, travel, romantic, creator, artist, teacher, pink, floral, relaxation, BOY MEETS WORLD, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Austen and Darcy! Just to name a few...hehehe!

    This is just a weeeee bit closer to the "ME" page. I really wanted to put the pictures I took of the red rock formations from Sedona, Arizona! I wanted this in their because I believe I was born in the wrong state. Being out west REALLY make me happy! Bold colors, big skies, grand views and wide open spaces the whole works literally gives me chills. The first trip I had out there with my family, I will never forget crying at Yellowstone hating that we were leaving the next day!


    This is the left page involving all of my information on my blog posts and YouTube ideas. This will help me organize the week in what I want to post on a weekly basis! My favorite part is the little boy in the bed, he looks so comfortable and I admire that comfort and innocence spilling from the photograph!


Just a bit closer...I love the checklist part. My favorite stamp now and forever is that elephant stamp...BEST PURCHASE EVER, and for only a dollar!
 This spread is what you get when you open up the flap that had the weekly challenge on it! This section is where I do weekly scheduling for me students, work times, notes that happened during the week and so on. This week my aunt gave me that postcard fabric, total blissfulness there and the my ACMoore rewards card came in, who doesn't a good after receiving money in the mail.

I have a HUGE issue when it comes to making lists, I love making lists, hahaha! I put this behind my DLP pages to keep track with a birthday wish list and any other ideas, things I wanna save for, favorite things so on and so on! It leaves another tag at the top so that I can easily turn to it.

    In the very back I have the boring stuff, finances. I didn't want to make two separate books for the DLP and my finances so I put them together and they work quite nicely! This part I just added myself, it isn't part of the Documented Life Project.

  The weeks obviously need to be separated by monthly tags that will go on the top pages. As weeks go along and we enter new months, I'll tape them up there as I go along. I just thought you'd like to see them all and what is to come at the top.

The End, or at least for now! This is the back of my book! So I took a comp book and cut it up, punched holes on the sides and put metal rings in them to hold to book together. It works 
really well!

   Now, if you are the kind of person that is like me, where you want a planner but refuse to have it all black and white and boring and want it in an art journaling style...GO TO THE DOCUMENTED LIFE PROJECT ON FACEBOOK!

It is a closed group that you can easily join and the people there are FANTASTIC! Also there is a exchange through the mail called "Happy Mail" where you can send scraps, ephemera, painted pages, scraps of Gelli prints and so much more to people all over the world FOR FREE! Literally it is happiness in the mail!

If you are so inclined to join this group or you found out about it through my blog, fill free to post your work in the link I provide below my weekly blog post here on Clare Plantation! Next week I'll leave a link to kick start it all!

I hope I have inspired you and pushed you well and gently enough to go to Documented Life Project and share your greatness! It really helps you stick to something and create something everyday! It will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

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