Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Have Spirit"

     I can't really explain how difficult is was to get something creative out this week. I have been completely absent to all social media and my blog because I have had nothing to properly show! IT'S BEEN ROUGH! I got a new camera, I got new lights, I had tons of ideas and things to record and make and do...but NOTHING WORKED. Nothing came out the way I wanted it and I literally feel into a black hole, was completely disorganized and yes ended up crying on the floor...hard! Hahaha, yes I cried. I shouldn't admit that but I think that this was my very first real, honest to goodness inspiration funk week. I literally hurt inside and couldn't function. All through school I had to create projects and there was an assignment given and told to me but now that I'm out of that, I give the orders and I stumbled and fell terribly bad this week.

     It is over with and done now, thanks to a visit to my grandmothers and working on her sewing machine, Jennibellie's Inspiration Station (WHICH YOU MUST CHECK OUT IF YOU ARE LOST OF INSPIRATIONAL MOJO!) and a good cry! I had managed to create the spread for my DLP for week 11 and I entitled it:


If you have ever watched the movie "Spirit" there is a part at the beginning where he is running through the beautiful land of the west and an eagle joins him in his run and everytime I watched it, it gave me goosebumps. The challenge this week was draw, collage or use a photograph of a bird and I choose this moment in Spirit. Little did I know that I was going to have a rotten week when I was sketching and preparing this part at my desk in the funeral home. As the week dragged on, I didn't know what to put as a quote underneath this collage. I sat at my grandmother's sewing desk this weekend and without thinking about it I wrote "Have Spirit". This collage almost knew exactly what was needed in order to prepare myself for next week. I need to have spirit, courage and guts to have a FUNK week. It's going to happen but all you have to do is allow it to happen and learn from it. Have the guts to push on because your art that you may hate or don't know what to do with, may very well teach you something!

Here are the remaining pictures of my spread for the DLP.

We ALL have those awful weeks and feel like we are just digging for some inspiration, but I cannot express enough how a get away or a different change in scenery and atmosphere can change the look of things and make you think different! 

I pray you get through your next FUNK week and that you,


P.S. - Here is the link for Jennibellie's Journal Workshop where you need to request to join the group. Once you are accepted, you can take her free class "Inspiration Station" which is under groups. It is totally free and worth it because it really does help that day or week that you need help with inspiration. GO CHECK IT OUT!

Oh and don't forget, if you are a DLP member, fill free to post your spread and challenges with the link below...

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