Monday, February 17, 2014

How To Use Your Journals

This video has become the most popular video on my YouTube Channel as of yet. It has tons of ideas for those journals that you just have NO IDEA what to do with. I for one tend to horde journals more than use them and buy them just because they are empty and have beautiful covers. It's as if the covers themselves are artwork as well as the entire journal.

But then you start to stare at the beautiful things and wonder..."How can I use you" or "You are too pretty to be collecting dust" or "I need to take you with me and show you off". You can't keep your beautiful child locked in your house forever. 

Okay now I'm getting weird. So watch this video and see if it gives you a light bulb. Within all of my lists and things that I create, I have written or at least have floating around in my head  an idea to create another video that shows just how many journals that I have. I developed a few more ideas for journal ideas so subscribe to my YouTube channel if something like that would interest you or tickle your fancy!

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