Thursday, February 27, 2014

Freeing Abstract Experiments!

 I have always been a realist in my opinion or at least a realist with surrealist features, but lately a lady next to my studio has inspired or gotten into my artsy pumping veins and abstract stuff came out. Then again I can also say that my art journaling has come to the for front and fallen on my canvas as well. I've always wanted to try this and I can't really explain to you how freeing it is.

 I grab a canvas and start putting whatever I want on it. I don't sketch it out before hand or think about it before I put media on the surface, I just GO!
 Being in an studio atmosphere with other artists around me really has opened my eyes to how artist's styles can influence another artist style. It has helped me be more free in my own paintings in the realistic style and for that I feel so blessed and grateful! 
 I am NO WHERE NEAR done, I've got a lot more to do to these paintings below but I just wanted to show my progress. Some things aren't even taped down yet but I would LOVE to hear your opinion. Leave a comment below if you like how things are looking so far. What do you like? What would you add or take away? Are the colors pleasing or not?


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inspiration Board Tutorial

Do you have an Empty Inspiration Board?

Clueless as to what to put on it and how to make it look nice and neat?

 Your in Luck!

Because today I have a tutorial that will help you know what to do.

You will need a Blank Bulletin Board of any particular size that you want.

Push Pins off different shapes, colors and sizes

 Varied sizes of your own artwork and doodles

Vintage style images or any kind of style that represents you.
I love everything about the word VINTAGE!

Informational sheets, business cards, movie tickets and candy wrappers...just to name a few.

...and even scraps of paper with patterns and colors all to your liking. 


Oh and don't forget your focal point, an image that is larger than the rest and stands out the most. In this case it's just my favorite image from a Mucha calender from last year!

Then place your focal point in the middle or anywhere else you want you or your viewers eye to focus on.

Then add pictures bordering your focal point like so in any arrangement that you want.

Fill your inspiration board to every last inch that way no space is left untouched. Now personally I like tons of things to look at and all of the spaces full but if you wish to leave spaces to breathe fill free to cover as much or as little space as you want.

  And there you have it...TA-DA!

I'm telling you this board not only inspires me, but adds color and interest to my room. They are essential to any artists creative process. They need to be a piece of artwork all on their own because they are a quick glimpse of who you are as an artist! Enjoy creating!

Monday, February 17, 2014

How To Use Your Journals

This video has become the most popular video on my YouTube Channel as of yet. It has tons of ideas for those journals that you just have NO IDEA what to do with. I for one tend to horde journals more than use them and buy them just because they are empty and have beautiful covers. It's as if the covers themselves are artwork as well as the entire journal.

But then you start to stare at the beautiful things and wonder..."How can I use you" or "You are too pretty to be collecting dust" or "I need to take you with me and show you off". You can't keep your beautiful child locked in your house forever. 

Okay now I'm getting weird. So watch this video and see if it gives you a light bulb. Within all of my lists and things that I create, I have written or at least have floating around in my head  an idea to create another video that shows just how many journals that I have. I developed a few more ideas for journal ideas so subscribe to my YouTube channel if something like that would interest you or tickle your fancy!